Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey Time

This past week at St. Mary's our main focus was on the skill of dribbling. The types of dribbling that we mostly covered had to do with basketball or soccer. The gym rats got the chance to work with the Pre K children again. This time around i noticed a big difference in how the day went. I felt like we were better prepared to work with them. The last time we got a chance to work with them it didn't go as well as we had hoped and i think it was due to the fact that we made things a little to complicated for them, and they just simply didn't get it. This time around we used some of the techniques that we had learned in our practice labs. We used are voices much more as well as keeping things pretty simplified, and we guided them through the activities if needed. We set up hoops all over one corner of the gym, and had each child get a ball and when we told them a certain color they would have to go over to one of the colors that was yelled out and bounce the ball with two hands 10 times. When we did this I noticed that some of the kids were understanding the proper way to dribble than others. So what we would do was demonstrate the proper technique to them and then let them try, some of them improved after that which is what we want. Toward the end of the game we told the children that they could now go out to any color that they wanted to and bounce the ball 10 times, but this time one of us would yell of Freeze, when this happened the kids were supposed to put their ball down and perform a certain task such as hopping, jumping, skipping. I think this in the end was a pretty successful game the kids seemed to enjoy themselves much more this time around. I think this happened because we kept it structured, but also added different variations that kept them interested in the game.

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