Sunday, November 8, 2009

A look in on everyday activity

The following day morning I got the chance to go back to St. Mary's during the morning to get a look at how their everyday routine goes. When I got their I introduced myself to the teachers and the class i would be working with that morning. Almost immediately after entering the classroom one of the boy's Duncan who I had worked with before had come up to me and was ready to show me the ropes of the classroom. We then began to play with some of the other kids in the class. We then broke out the building blocks all the kids then began to use their imaginations to make whatever they wanted. That morning the structure of the classroom was pretty relaxed, but at some points throughout the morning some of the kids got a little loud and had to go back to their seats and read or do something quite. But for the most part the kids where very well behaved. My morning concluded with me reading a story to one of the boys who was asked to sit down at his desk for a while. I started to read for him and he seemed to be really enjoy this, soon a couple other kids came over to hear the story as well. This was the first time I have had the chance to do something that was more in the classroom setting and I really enjoyed it, cant wait to do it again.

The Scarecrow

This past week at St. Marys had a Circus theme. Amy, Tyler, Jeff and myself had all come dressed up, the children really seemed to like this. I felt that by showing up like that the kids became more focused and willing to try the activity that we had set up for them. After we got all the kids together we began to teach them how to play the game Fit,Fuel, fun. What this game did was cover how to throw and properly catch. We started the activity with a warm-up game where each kid partnered up with another one of their classmates. Once this was done all the kids were asked to do was to throw the ball over hand or under hand to their partner who was standing across from them. This was a nice set up game to the actual activity because they got the chance to perform the same tasks as the would in the game. After we let the kids perform the tasks for a while we finally brought it all together and put it into the game. Overall I think the day went fairly well, the one thing that happened that could have been improved is the way we present the material to the kids. Sometimes it feels like we try and break everything down to a tee and the kids begin to lose focus. I think that as we get more experience that kind of this will be improved upon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lets get oragnized

For this week at St. Mary's my group was given the task to take inventory and organize all the materials that saint Mary's had. For me this was a great learning experience, after completing one of the rooms that needed to be organized i felt that what i had done was very beneficial for my future as a PE teacher. Taking inventory is definitely something that i am going to have to do as a teacher. By becoming this organized it just makes things that much easier and less stressful because you now know that everything has a place and whenever you need something it wont take long to grab it and get back to your activity. Overall it was a good experience, like i said it will definitely be something that i will have to do in the future and now i will be better prepared.