Monday, October 26, 2009

Invisa Girl Comes to St. Mary's

For this past week the theme for lab was superheros. Our group got to play the game zany zoo, which is where we made up different tasks that incorporated superheros and different movement task such as running, hopping, and skipping. The task cards were then placed into a hula hoop in the middle of the gym. The group of children were slip up into four different lines, the first one in line would go up to the hula hoop and choose a card and then they would have to perform the task back to their line. Overall the children seemed to enjoy the game. The group as a whole did a great job keeping the children interested because their were a couple of kids who really didn't like the activity at first, but once they saw everyone else having fun they wanted to join right in.

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  1. Evan-

    You'll run into that situation where kids decide the game or activity isn't fun before they even try it quite a bit. You'll also run into kids who "don't feel good" because they don't think it's fun and then when they see the other kids having fun they'll be right back out there playing.

    Your group did a good job incorporating the theme of superheros into the lab by dressing up so I think that also helps in motivating the students to try it.