Sunday, October 11, 2009

First week

This past week was our first trip back to St. Marys school. Overall i think it went really well the kids seemed to be having a fun time. My group got to work with the pre- k children, they are a blast to play with because they are full of energy and for the most part are will to try anything that your throw at them. When we took them into the gym to play our game I thought it went well, it took us a while to get them to listen to the directions, but once they got a hold of the idea of the game they seem to enjoy it a lot. The one thing I learned while working with those kids is that things need to be pretty simplified. All and all I think it was a pretty successful first day and im looking forward to our next trip.

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  1. Evan-

    I think you're dead on with saying things need to be pretty simplified when working with the younger Pre-K kids. If you keep the activity simple at the beginning you can then add things to it and modify it once you see the students have an understanding of the basic game.

    But overall you guys were great working with the Pre-K kids. They are a lot of fun and very eager to play and share what they've learned with you which is a nice change from the older kids who will often just complain that they don't want to do your activity.