Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dodge, Duck, Dip and Dodge

After reading the article and seeing dodgeball as one of the major games that were in the PE hall of shame I definitely see why it would be considered for such an award. In dodgeball their is a greater chance for the children who aren't as physically strong getting picked on and knocked out of the game. This type of problem could be solved by implementing different variations such as when a child get hit with the ball they have to go to the other teams jail where they can only get out if one of their teammates throws them a ball and they make a clean catch. Dodgeball has been criticized as being a dangerous game where the risk of injury is higher than some of the other games that might be played in gym class. I don't really think their is any more risk for injury than playing sports such as football, lacrosse, soccer. I do agree that their could be some changes to prevent injury. Like using soft foam balls as apposed to using rubber gym balls, you could make a rule that you can't hit someone above the waist. I think dodgeball can still be a useful game for PE classes if some of these changes are implemented.

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